Makeup Monday: The Best Products Right Now

Instagram and YouTube makeup artists are defining the ways of the cosmetics world. They do not just say which products are the best; they literally show you. These artists are so compelling, they convince you what products to buy by showing an approximate 30 second video of exactly what the products do and then drive you to their full length videos of the whole process.  In my personal opinion, the Instagramers and YouTubers give an actually and true representation of what these makeup products  do and how/when to you use them. Its true, sometimes these social media “stars” are paid by cosmetic companies to use their products, but it doesn’t mean the products are not worth buying. Throughout my research and personal experience, these are the overall best products you should try out:

  1.     Start with a great moisturizer
  2. Prime your skin  
  3. Prime your lids  
  4. Do those eyelashes  
  5. Color correct  
  6. Foundation  
  7.  Concealer/Highlight  
  8. Contour  
  9. Bake/Set 
  10. Brows 
  11. Illuminator  
  12. Blush 
  13. Liner 
  14. Mascara  
  15. Set 
  16.  Lips  



Kylie Cosmetics Review and the Obsession with Liquid Lipsticks

The big reveal is finally here – the Kylie Cosmetic lip review.

So recently I got lucky enough to have really good internet timing and I scored all six Kyle Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and lip liners. The six colors are Dolce K, Candy K, True Brown K, Mary Jo K, Koko K, & Posie K.  My first impression was pure excitement when I saw the unmistakable, amazing box.

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As you can imagine, the individual box for each lipstick & lip liner combination looked just as amazing as you would think it would be.

The first thing that surprised me was the amazing smell it had! I never thought lipstick could smell so good. I decided to play it safe for my first lip color. I chose Koko K (pictured above). First I put on the liner, which went on very easily. I simply just outlined my lips. I didn’t do any crazy over-lining. The lipstick went on very smooth and it only needed one coat. It’s very thick. It gives the perfect matte lipstick. It’s official I’m addicted to Kylie Cosmetics!

I’ve only tried a couple colors, but they’re all amazing. Mary Jo K is THE perfect red. I can’t wait to see try Posie K and mix & match Koko K with Posie K (Kylie did that recently). Honestly, the only color you probably won’t see me wear often is True Brown K. It is a beautiful brown don’t get me wrong, just with my current hair color and skin tone, it doesn’t go. I found this picture on Instagram and I think it shows a true representation of each lip color.

 I highly recommend trying to get the next batch when Kylie releases it.  P.S. she said she will release more before March!

 If you can’t wait that long there are some very similar liquid lipsticks out there. My favorite is definitely Pure Hollywood by Anastasia Beverly Hills. They just started to sell this at Sephora (AMAZING) too. Another great brand is NYX. They came out with a Lip Lingerie collection that sells similar colors. If price is a factor. I  would say NYX is your best bet (only $7).

I just ordered a NYX Lip Lingerie and a new liquid lipsticks from Mac so I’ll keep you updated on those too!

Brows Are the New Black 

Is it just me or did all of a sudden people care about eyebrows before anything else? Girls used to check out other girls’ hair, butt, boobs, etc. Its all about the defined brows now.

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I’m not going to lie, I’ve fallen for the obsession too. What was life before making sure my brows were done? I can’t even look at a picture of myself anymore with naked brows. There is one gal we need to thank for this obsession: Anastasia Soare aka Anastasia Beverly Hills. She is the inventor of the Brow Wiz and Dipbrow movement of this generation. She does the Kardashian/Jenner eyebrows and I’m sure a bunch of other celebrities. If you want brows like Kylie (below) just on this bandwagon ASAP.

If you’re totally brand new to this movement I would recommend starting off with the Brow Wiz. It gives a super natural looking brow but a little more defined. I would recommend going to your local Sephora and ask a specialist to help you with your color choice. Seriously this tool is AMAZING (and addictive).

If you want more of the Kylie, super intense looking brow check out dip tow by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  It seems like a very intimidating process, but I promise it changes your brows’ and your life.

I started out using the Brown Wiz and then eventually moved over to Dipbrow once I got the hang of it. Honestly, I never leave the house now without doing my brows. If I left the house without my brows, don’t talk to me (kidding…kind of).

One last important part I want to make is: I am NOT a makeup artist. I learned by watching a million YouTube makeup videos. I suggest you do the same! Definitely check out Jaclyn Hill and Nicol Concilio . They are my brow queens and makeup crushes. Check them out. Would I let you down?

See my awesome, not embarrassing selfies with both products on. The one of the left are my brows with th Brow Wiz and the one on the right are my brows with Dipbrow. You choose and changed your life!