Brows Are the New Black 

Is it just me or did all of a sudden people care about eyebrows before anything else? Girls used to check out other girls’ hair, butt, boobs, etc. Its all about the defined brows now.

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I’m not going to lie, I’ve fallen for the obsession too. What was life before making sure my brows were done? I can’t even look at a picture of myself anymore with naked brows. There is one gal we need to thank for this obsession: Anastasia Soare aka Anastasia Beverly Hills. She is the inventor of the Brow Wiz and Dipbrow movement of this generation. She does the Kardashian/Jenner eyebrows and I’m sure a bunch of other celebrities. If you want brows like Kylie (below) just on this bandwagon ASAP.

If you’re totally brand new to this movement I would recommend starting off with the Brow Wiz. It gives a super natural looking brow but a little more defined. I would recommend going to your local Sephora and ask a specialist to help you with your color choice. Seriously this tool is AMAZING (and addictive).

If you want more of the Kylie, super intense looking brow check out dip tow by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  It seems like a very intimidating process, but I promise it changes your brows’ and your life.

I started out using the Brown Wiz and then eventually moved over to Dipbrow once I got the hang of it. Honestly, I never leave the house now without doing my brows. If I left the house without my brows, don’t talk to me (kidding…kind of).

One last important part I want to make is: I am NOT a makeup artist. I learned by watching a million YouTube makeup videos. I suggest you do the same! Definitely check out Jaclyn Hill and Nicol Concilio . They are my brow queens and makeup crushes. Check them out. Would I let you down?

See my awesome, not embarrassing selfies with both products on. The one of the left are my brows with th Brow Wiz and the one on the right are my brows with Dipbrow. You choose and changed your life!


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